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Information Technologies

Snake fight through the network

You can control one of snake client, which can move up side down in the field, and snake will die no eating food, crashing the outside blocks, and crashing the other snakes. This game is a competition how to alive the long period of time than the other snakes.
  • Require Environment:gcc,Xlib, 8bit resolution
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    Stack machine simulator

    You can use 25 assemble words to input the simulator. Here are commands and sample codes.
  • Require Environment:gcc
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    A Multi Terminal Simulator on a Linux to evaluate Web Sites

    Profecer:Yasushi Sugimura Date:Mar,2002
    Nowaday there are lots of WEB Servers using apache and linux. And One of performance test is bench mark which doesn't reflect the fact of data flow. So we researched what information does input and output at the server when the terminal accessed to the server. And how to save the information to use for multi-terminal simulator.
  • summary(japanese)
  • whole research(Japanese)

    Badminton game

    You can control the left side person who can move forward and back, and 4 type stroke which is overhead, under hand, push, and drive. Don't worry to start game, it's very easy to play.
  • Require Environment:Windows,VB rantime
  • image download vb6(sp5)

    Tag game

    You have to touch another character when you're tern. You have to run away another character when opposite's tern. You can use jump as possible as you moved length. The opposite character have the special skill to win you. There are 9 round.
  • Require Environment:Windows, directX
  • image download rantime DirectX 7.0b

    International Experience

    New Zealand

    Date:Sep,2003 for 3month
    My perpose was to be max the opportunity to use English, because I don't have aconfidence to talk English. Then I found opportunities
  • Join the free English lesson at the church three times / week
  • Exchange language lesson with Japanese learnig four person
  • Join the free English lesson to help at the school to be English teacher
  • PC instracter, advertizing at the supermarket and teach the what's wrong to use
    Nowaday I have a confidence to talk English.


    Date:Sep,2002 for 2week
    My perpose was to be a foreign friends. But I never studied Korean, so I found Korean who have studied Japanese. So I went to the communication place for Korean and Japanese. There are so many korean can use Japanese. Then I could make Korean friends there.

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